Mazatapec Magic Mushroom Grow Kit – 1200cc



This Avalon Magic Plants Mazatapec magic mushroom grow kit is the easiest way to grow your own magic mushrooms.

You only have to add some tap water once to the mushroom grow set. After 12 hours you let the access water flow out of the grow set and place it in the provided plastic filter bag.

Place the filter bag in a bright spot (do not place in direct sunlight). After several weeks you will see your Mazatapec magic mushrooms grow to life!!
With this magic mushroom grow set you can harvest up to 5 flushes of mazatapec mushrooms!

(Extended manual is provided with the set).

This mycelium grow set contains the mycelium of the Psilocybe cubensis ‘Mazatapec’ strain.

The mycelium is colonized on a substrate of rye and perlite. The top layer is covered with vermiculite.

The best place to store this Mazatapec magic mushroom grow set is your refrigerator (not your freezer!) if you do not want to start growing immediately after receiving this amazing grow set.

Have fun growing your own Mazatapec shrooms!


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